North Texas State Hospital

James Lane Mechanical was selected to perform a design build project for the North Texas State Hospital to update their degrading central energy steam plant and damaged distributions steam pipe throughout the campus. James Lane engineers determined the best method for their heating upgrade would be to decentralize the central steam plant and install high efficiency hydronic boilers at each building. This approach would require new underground natural gas distribution system to each building, but compared to repairing the damaged steam pipe buried underground, the distribution of gas piping was easily justified.

In addition to upgrading the heating system, the cooling system was also in need of upgrade. Each building was already equipped with an air cooled chiller, however many chillers had exceeded their life cycle and were in need of replacement. These chillers identified as needing replaced were done so with high efficient chillers. Many air handlers were also in need of replacement, and all air handlers were in need of heating coil replacement due to the conversion from steam to hot water. All work was performed to minimize outages at each building, and completed on schedule.